I take commissions in my spare time ie: Jewelry, props, simple costumes.

If your interested or unsure if I could help you out, please email me at

My prices will vary on complexity and cost of materials but I strive to keep the costs as low as possible unless you specify your like higher quality/brand name materials. I will try to stay within your budget and offer free quotes by email.

When emailing for commission please fill out the following:
Name of Character:
What you’d like me to make: (multiple items, costume, prop etc)
Measurements: (if applicable)
Due Date: (when you need the item to be at your doorstep)
Reference Pictures: Try to include multiple pictures/different angles of the item/costume you want.
Other: Anything else you may want to add/questions

Scroll to bottom to find costumes that I have previously made and are for sale.

Previous Commissions and Costs
 Prices are negotiable and subject to change. If no price is listed please email me

Final Fantasy X
Lulu’s Hairsticks– $45 set of four.
Lulu’s Mascots- Moogle, Cactuar, Pupu. $20-30 each
Lulu’s Necklaces– $35 set of three (picture missing one necklace)
Summoner Yuna, partial costume- Sleeves, Obi w flower tassel, Earring.

Hana Yori Dango
Planet necklace

Howls Moving Castle
Howl’s necklace, earrings– $25
Calcifer Plush– $12

Outlaw Star
Aisha Clan Clan- Tiara, Collar w bell

Sailor Moon
Princess Kakyuu hat
Sailor Collars, Bows

Samurai Champloo

Fuu Hairsticks– $25

Costumes For Sale

Final Fantasy VI
Celes Chere Opera Dress- $40
Includes: Dress, Panniers

Princess Sissi cartoon
Peasant dress- $30
Includes: Top and skirt only


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