About Yue

I first started cosplaying in 2001 as Card Captor Sakura. I didnt have any sewing skills back than so it was a team effort by myself and my mom with my grandma as the main seamstress. My dad even pitched in and created her staff. I was so excited to wear it around the convention and from than on I was hooked!

Eventually I started to pick up on sewing myself and happily create my own costumes. I’m majorly self taught so with each new costume I usually learn a few new techiques. It also helps to have good friends and coworkers that I can ask questions to if I get stuck.

My best friend and I created our cosplay group- North Pacific Cosplay. We cosplay and have a passion for performing in skits. We have facebook and twitter, both of which can be found on my Links page. Hopefully in the near future we’ll be able to get our webseries up and running.

A little more about myself.

Nicknames: Yue Kurine, May (of NPC), Bunny
Hair/eye color: Brown
DOB: Oct 24, 1985
Hometown: Nanaimo, B.C
Hobbies: Reading, Sewing, Cosplay, Dungeons & Dragons, Video Games
Favorite Color: Purple
Favorite Costume: Riza Hawkeye *now retired* (Full Metal Alchemist), Subaru (.Hack//sign), Euphemia (Code Geass)
Dream Costume: Queen Emeraldas. (Complete!) Yay!


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